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Insulation... It's not just about saving the environment.

Before we start, scroll to the bottom to see a beach view taken from the scaffolding today, that view NEVER gets old!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand,

Slowing global warming is important to all of us, and locking heat inside the apartment is just one of the steps we are taking to make your holiday energy efficient, however insulation isn't just about heat. We are installing two layers of insulation, in both the floors and the ceilings of each apartment, creating an isolated bubble for you to enjoy during your time with us. Ensuring the only sound you hear will be that which you choose to let in. The sound of the waves washing up on the beach as you open your balcony door.

We also plant a tree every time we receive a booking, a project that we hope will gain some real traction as our brand matures.

Below are photos taken earlier this week of the floors and ceilings, packed full of sound insulation. We are striving once again to pass our sound test with flying colours... If you have ever stayed in Apartments @52, or Bridlington Bay Apartments, you will be familiar with the quality we aim for.

The steelwork supporting the front wall is now installed, and we have cut out the space for our patio doors (See photo below). We can't wait to see the finished product from this angle in a matter of weeks. The view is going to be breath taking!

WHAT A VIEW! We also had a pod of dolphins jumping in the bay this morning, - Mesmerising to behold, and a truly special moment.

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